Bebe Rexha WINS $5,200 gambling in Las Vegas  – News Live

Bebe Rexha WINS $5,200 gambling in Las Vegas – News Live

Bebe Rexha treated her friends to a lavish meal after winning $5,200 gambling in Las Vegas The singer loves to play the slots in Sin City and during to a recent visit – during which she performed at the JBL Festival – she ended up pocketing the tidy sum after initially experiencing a losing run which was gonna bust her self-imposed bank of $500 because she can ‘get crazy’ And after winning big the star – whose song You Can’t Stop The Girl from Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil is a hit – was more than happy to treat her pals to a no-expense spared meal In an interview with US TV show Extra, she revealed: ‘I was losing, losing, losing I put in my last $100 bucks and hit the machine and it starts going crazy and I end winning like $1,800 So I took that $1,800, take $500 out of the $1,800, that leaves me $1,300. Share this article Share ‘So I went to the next slot and I won about $1,200 I went to Wheel of Fortune and I won $3,000, and then I won $2,500, so I don’t know what it was but I wound up with $8,000 – but then with all the gambling back and forth and trying to make the money I made $5,200, which is not bad at all. I always win!’All my friends are like, Dinner is on you, and I’m like, Sure ‘ Bebe believes she is a winning gambler because she is brave in all aspects in her life, including her pop career She added: ‘I take risks. I’m not scared . even when I started in the industry and I had $600 in my bank account ‘Bebe recently turned 30 and having hits with Nicki Minaj on No Broken Hearts and Meant to Be with Florida Georgia Line she can scarcely believe the journey she has been on herself but knows she has earned her success because of her courage and hard work She said: ‘It’s hard in the beginning, but I’m grateful for that . I know that 15-year-old Bebe, if I had known what was going to happen, I would have never believed it ‘I would tell 15-year-old Bebe to take a deep breath. I always felt like when something didn’t work out, it was the end for me Better things ended up happening, and I think that’s really true.’As well as having a penchant for the slots, Bebe also enjoys buying Lotto Scratch-Off prize cards to see if she can win some cash She previously said: ‘Scratch-offs are my favourite. It’s all I do, I love it.’