Blackjack Card Game Tips : Blackjack Card Game Tips

Have you been to a casino? Have you seen blackjack?
Do you know blackjack? Maybe you played it a little bit. Are you curious about how to
play it so that the next time you’re in a casino, you can sit down and play a table
game rather than leaving things, utterly, up to chance with slot machines? We’re going
to learn how to play blackjack today. This gives you a general idea. Cards go out, after
everybody places their bets, actually, we’re going to play face up because that’s how most
of it’s done at a casino. Everybody gets their up cards, everybody gets their two card hands,
the dealer gets a down card and an up card. All the player’s hands are up and the dealer
gets a down card and an up card. The very first thing is, the dealer looks and sees
who has blackjack and then if he doesn’t have blackjack, he’s going to pay this off at three
to two or, more precisely, one and a half to one. He pays that off, he sweeps up the
blackjack and then the remaining players make decisions. There’s busting, twenty-two is
a bust. This player decides to stand and then the dealer looks at his hand and must hit
or stand, based upon what the number is, and then either the remaining players or player,
win or lose. This player wins. That’s blackjack.