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Hi everyone, Fishie’s here
in this video I’m going to give a little explanation on items in Blackjack mode I know some of you have tried the Blackjack
mode before, and you may be wondering about the card items you can purchase with the chips
you get from decoding, hunting, and such. There are 5 types of card in this mode:
Reveal Card, Exchange Card, Shuffle Card, Pass Card, and Discard Card And these five cards have different levels. Let’s go through them one by one. The cheapest one is Reveal Card, which only
have 1 level. It’s simple, you use Reveal Card to peek
into one card from another player. You can purchase this card once every round,
and the cards you’ve revealed before will be visible whenever you use another reveal
card However, even if you used reveal card on a
player, you still won’t be able to see their cards when they ask you to take their card
as a hunter. Even the card order is randomized. Next one is Exchange card. When you use exchange card, you switch one
random card of yours with one random card from another player Here’s an example Now pay attention to my current hand:
2, 6, 6, 7, and 8 then I use exchange card with this coordinator
And this is what happens The screen shows 2 cards
These are the cards that are being exchanged. An 8 card with an Ace card You saw my hand before this, so you know that the 8 card is mine and the Ace card is the coordinator’s. Now let’s see my hand after the exchange So in this case, my 8 card becomes hers and her Ace card becomes mine. Exchange card has 3 levels. The first level is for small area, and what
counts as ‘small area’ is about this far. The second level is for larger area, which
is about this far And the third level is a bit special. There’s no distance limit, and you get to
chose 2 players to randomly switch a card between them Meaning, Soul Weaver and Coordinator will switch cards here Since I didn’t use it on me, I was not affected and I didn’t know what cards were exchanged
and how it affects the game Now let’s go to Shuffle Card
When you use shuffle card with a player, Both of your and the other player’s hands
are combined, reshuffled, and re-dealed at the same number of card you both had before. Here’s an example
My current hand is Jack, Queen, 5 and a 6 And the Coordinator’s hand is Ace, Queen,
King, 2, 6, and 7. Now the coordinator used her Exchanged card
on me, swapping my Jack and her King And then, I used Shuffle card on her, reshuffling
our hand which becomes like this You can see that the cards are the same, but
the distribution is randomized Shuffle Card also has 3 levels and is very
similar to Exchange Card Level one and two is for small and large area And at level 3, you can pick 2 players to get their cards shuffled with each other. Pass Card Use this card to pass or give one card you pick to another player. Pass card has 2 levels. Level one, pass a card to a player in a small
area Level two, it says that it’s for a larger
area, but there’s actually no distance limit so you can choose which player you want to
pass it to The last one is Discard Card
Use this item to remove one of your cards. The removed card will be added back to the
deck which means you or other players may get it
the next time Jack (The Ripper) deals a card. Discard has 2 levels. Level one, the card to be discarded is randomly
picked Level two, you pick the card to be removed So that’s all the items you can use in Blackjack
mode. Now since Blackjack mode is relatively new
at the time this video was made, there’s a possibility that the developers
will make adjustments to this mode Maybe on the item descriptions or the usage But I hope this video can enlighten you, because
to be honest, until I made this video, I use these items
blindly and just guessed on how they work. Exchange and shuffle cards were especially
more confusing to me than the other cards which have simpler effects. Share your thoughts about these cards, or
the Blackjack mode in general in the comments section below
Thank you for watching