Casino Royale カジノロワイヤル:Gaming the University EPISODE 1 賭博 in 大学  1話

Casino Royale カジノロワイヤル:Gaming the University EPISODE 1 賭博 in 大学 1話

Casino Royale: Gaming the University Episode 1 This video is dedicated to the many fabulous teachers under whose guidance I have had good fortune to learn and to all those who selflessly toil in order to teach others. Subtitles are available for this video in both English and Japanese. Hello everyone this is the duck in Japan and today I’d like to explain why I haven’t been able to make videos about all the wonderful things I like to explore like coffee, robots, and 3d printing. Over the last several months, I’ve been focusing my energies on teaching communication and critical thinking to sophomores in the sciences, law and economics. I’ve engaged in this effort as a way to try to make a small contribution to future generations. Despite the best efforts of teachers, like me, to make lectures interesting and engaging, often the outcome can be quite tedious, boring and soporific for our students My solution is to minimize lecturing and to maximize the opportunities for interaction and participation during class time. When I was a college student, I suppose I might have expected my teachers to be experts who would share their wisdom with me. I can remember feeling frustrated encountering teachers who wouldn’t necessarily produce definitive answers in very easy-to-understand forms. I guess I didn’t realize how difficult this is to accomplish, nor did I think about how lazy I was being. Today I see the wisdom in the Socratic method. Namely, many times the best way to teach is not to give the answers at all, but to facilitate students asking questions and coming up with their own answers. One of the ways that I have emphasized interaction is to reward participation in very tangible ways. Namely, each time a student interacts during class by answering or asking a question, he, she, or they is awarded with a poker chip. Students receive a grade for the semester based on how many poker chips they individually amass during class. In all the courses that I have taught over the last five years, participation has been a very significant part of the final grade. In the higher level courses that I have taught, participation has been a majority of the students’ final grades. The grading of participation includes a handicap system whereby shy students– I can be shy too– are rewarded more for each interaction. This is the first of three primary ways that I have encouraged participation of students in the courses that I have taught. I hope to cover the remaining methods in upcoming videos. I’m looking forward to shifting gears to return to some of my own pursuits and to being able once again to make some videos about coffee, robots, and 3d printing. I would like to thank the faculty and staff of Shinshu University for their compassionate support. I would also like to thank my students for putting up with my unusual teaching style and for putting in extra effort to participate. In particular, I would like to thank the following students for their help in putting together this video: CLOCK P RIN SAKU SHIMA TAKA TOKO WOOD YASAI Special thanks also to TOKYO and KUROKY for performing in the skit. I hope you will watch future episodes in this series on gaming the university. Music: Casino Royale (1967) theme song composed by Burt Bacharach and performed by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. Apparently Peter Sellers disliked Orsen Welles shenanigans so much that he got himself fired before the end of the movie. Thank you for watching. As always, your comments, questions and ideas are most appreciated.