Cowboy Game | Card Games for Teaching English to Young Learners 18

Welcome to tenten 4 kids. We have another game played with the same set of cards. Its name is ‘Cowboy Game’. In this game, the students will come to the stage and I will give a card. One card to each student. They will not see their cards and each student leans on his or her friends When I say three, one, two, three, they turn back and try to say his or her friends card. The one who says it first is the winner. Let’s play the game. Now, I need two stdents. Okay? come here Okay, choose one card. Don’t show it to your friend okay? Choose one card. Okay now Lean on lean on Are you ready? One Two Three Ice cream yes. You are the winner! okay Let’s play it again. Once more okay. Come here Choose a card. Come here come here Nazire Okay. Hold this way, okay? But your friend will not see okay? Lean on your friend Okay One Two Three Rice yes okay you are the winner!