Flopping the NUTS and getting PAID!

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rebuy $30,000 guaranteed it’s gonna go way over that today we’re gonna focus on
a few leaks in my game number one would be not looking at my opponent’s enough
it might seem obvious but in reality most people don’t really stare at their
opponents from playing live poker they’ll look off into the distance while
they’re contemplating their next move they’ll examine the board over and over
thinking about different ranges their opponent might have but I think there’s
a lot of value in just staring at your opponents it may feel awkward to some
and it does feel kind of awkward to me at times but I think a lot of
information is to be gained just by looking at your opponent’s you don’t
have to stare get that information look at them as they look at the flop look at
them as they bet the turn or River and the second most important thing that I’m
going to be doing today is taking more time on my decisions
after playing millions of hands it’s built into me to act quickly and
instinctually that might not be the best thing because as time goes on I might
gather more information from my opponents and I might be able to make a
better decision based upon those variables so we’re gonna look at our
opponents and we’re gonna take our time Hey but blinds at 200 400 we have 15,000 in
there stat we late retched actually folds me in the small blind it
looked down at East three of clubs could limp but I think race is more profitable
against these type of opponents guy in the big blind is about a 70 to 80 year
old Caucasian / Asian male make eleven hundred to go and he puts in the call
the flop comes Queen four reduce one club we got the straight draw we got the
backdoor nut flush draw we got an over it’s time to see bet 1100
he raises to 3,500 what’s he repping a bad Queen to find
out where he’s at a for a deuce five six do people ever raise fold here I look
and he has about 8,000 behind I don’t really want to call and then have to
fold if I don’t improve on the turn I don’t really want to have to fold so
hopefully we have some fold equity we haven’t covered and we have outs if
called so I shove all in any snap calls he shows king queen of clubs let’s get
there where’s the five where’s the ace but
turn is a king not good for us and the rivers a king also not good for us his
boat is good and we double him up dude hold Davis one in six with blinds at 300 600 action folds me
in the cutoff I looked down at eat seven of Spades making 1,300 to go same 70 to
80 year-old male on my left makes it 3,000 about 7500 behind I don’t think I
have fold equity if I Jam getting a pretty good price to see a flop could
fold a pretty close spot so I eventually was putting the call and the flop comes
with two spades ten nine six two spades to be exact we
got the nuts I checked to him he bets 4000 we shove
all-in he calls and he has pocket kings and he’s drawing almost dead and we
double up to almost 20,000 ships right back in it 703 by four-twenty we did the hundred dollar
add-on for 7500 chips sitting on 20,000 ships going to four hundred eight
hundred twenty-five blinds let’s run it up alright I do some folding get one
reshuffle eight button her small blind blinds at four hundred eight hundred
action folds to a very aggressive player in middle position who opens – mm I’m in
the hijack with pocket sevens and 15,000 chips a pretty standard rish of a
relatively short stack compared to the rest of the field so we got a gamble
action folds the small blind who goes into the tank we’re rooting for a foal
but he eventually shoves all in for 40,000 original razor folds as predicted
and we’re up against pocket aces yeah we got out that’s good there okay
that’s more out all right chop it up nice and tall and I am Oh
the Encore $230 rebuy three hundred and thirty dollars gone the win $400 $40,000 guaranteed one day
event 30 minute levels 15,000 starting chips starting with maybe 30 blinds at 3
o’clock late reg tool for 20 let’s get five digits I defend Jack nine off facing a min
raise from the big blind flop comes ace ten six and we fold action folds to be
in the small blind I have the six seven suited elderly foreign gentleman on my
left smells like feces that’s right my smelling is very acute
and that’s the exact smell like he didn’t wipe himself and disgusting but
here we are I asked the floor what tables next to break before I confront
the situation he says we are so shouldn’t be too long before he moved to
new table and it’s somebody else’s problem
we limp these six seven suited from the small blind and he makes it 1,500 more I
put in the call the flop comes Jack nine nine and we check fold to a 1500 bet
with blinds at four hundred eight hundred under the gun Caucasian male
aged 25 opens to 1,700 I’m on the button with Jack ten of spades with about ten
thousand I think there’s a case for shoving if it was a later position open
as played I think a flat is fine let’s take him to the streets the blinds fold
the flop comes Jack ten seven got him he checks
looks like he’s given up with East King ace Queen so it’s time to go for that
value I bet about a third of my stack twenty-five hundred chips and he puts in
the check raise to eighty five hundred we are all in and he shows King Queen
let’s hold class the turn is a nine completing it straight good for him and
the river doesn’t bow to us up and we are out in record time maybe ten minutes
total four hundred dollars gone no reason to reenter just wasn’t feeling it
today a lot of bad signs if you can believe in that sort of thing delaying
my arrival today why donate another four hundred stay tuned hit that alerts Bell