LAMBDA, LAMBDA, LAMBDA NERDS! Azaghal: So there was the old syndic Who was a fucking dominator in the condominium right? Mr. K: Was this the son of a bitch? Azaghal: Yeah! He never did anything It was him who banned the wi-fi in Mr. K’s house Banned gas in Tucano’s building, that kind of guy. Jovem Nerd: Yeah, that kind Azaghal: This kind of syndic. And this was the dictatorship in my building The syndic was and old man that scold everyone It had his little powers He told the porter to go to the market for him. But no one could walk with the dog in the garage. He was a bastard. And so what happens, every election, this syndic… I am recapitulating because there are 500 Nerdcasts, maybe you haven’t heard. So. Hahaha… Every election, this damn, came with a giant cake of Powers of Attorney And he always re-elected himself. He punched this brick of Powers of Attorney And they always gave him The-the-the-the-the Necessary amount of votes to be re-elect Because he had more Powers of Attorney than people in the meeting And people were already unmotivated and almost no one used to show Exactly, so then what happened On this last election, There was a game of thrones the election started On the election day, this is a funny one… On the election day, the syndic came to talk to me, He never did, NEVER (Laughs) But in that day… He only speaks to others to scold them (Laughs) But in the election day, he was at the lobby, he passed the entire day at the lobby Then he came to me and said: “Have you paid your condominium?” Wot? “Have you paid your condominium?” Then I said: “Yes, I’m paying everything, alright- -even though I have to take the billet here in the lobby, what I think is shitty, and I can’t put it on auto debit, I’m paying this shit.” I told him- -Now there even is a billet, on my days, there wasn’t, On my days it was an A4 paper- Understand that this question was his way to say “hi, how are you?” On this day you must had one amazing patience, Cause your standard answer would be: “Go fuck yourself, please” So, it’s because I felt something, check it out, He said: “Have you paid your condominium? Then I said: “Yes, I’m paying it” Then he said: “Will you vote today?” (Laughs) Then I said: “Uh, yes, I’ll vote” I never go on these fucking meetings, I never do Then he said: “Will you vote today?” “I will” “Can I count with your vote?” What a campaign! Then I said: “Yes” “You can count on me, 7:30 PM I’ll be there” I went to the elevator, opened my house door, and said: “Andréia, you MUST come to this meeting, because this syndic will fall, I’m feeling this, he’s VERY worried about this meeting” He kept asking for votes on the lobby And I couldn’t go because we had a recording to do, and we couldn’t go, and said: “Fuck, you can’t miss it, you MUST vote and shit” I even checked if I had paid the condominium, cause I always miss it, But everything was alright, all paid, and then, Portuguesa went to the meeting, there, the same things as always, He pulls this brick of Powers of Attorney, yellow, full of bug holes- POW! All this dust comes up, “Here it is, I’m the syndic again, you fuckers, assholes” Then, and old dude came from far away, and said: “HEY! This shit is worthless!” ooooh, my “The Powers of Attorney must have IDK how much time, and those things aren’t worth anything now!” He said a “technobubble” there, And cancelled the dude’s Powers of Attorney, they got on fire right in front of him Then the syndic said: “I don’t want to be the syndic anymore anyway! “and I indicate Jane Doe to be my replacer, who will vote on her?” Then only an old woman who stays on the lobby taking care of everyone’s life voted on the indicated, then the rest of the people took advantage of this glorius moment and voted on the new guy. So he had a rival, then. He had a rival, There is always someone, and a new guy who wants to do someting, There has always been things like this, but it was always stopped by the wall of Powers of Attorney, but this wall was cancelled, it was like, a cards game, ya know, Magic The dude played “Anullation Procuration”