How to Play Pyramid Poker : How to Play & Bet in the Middle of the Hand in Pyramid Poke

Let’s talk about what to do in the middle
of a hand of pyramid. First of all I want to say that this is a different hand than
at what we looked at last segment. It has a pair of sevens but as you probably realized
that is a midland pair and it’s got some connectivity working for it with some gaps. We go queen
ten nine seven so if we fill a gap and get some help from the board we can have a straight.
That said play careful even when we get to the middle of the hand and we haven’t caught
any wild cards, we don’t hold a jack or a six. On the community cards we missed entirely
so it’s careful before these cards are shown. Careful here because we missed the wild cards
and careful here don’t get cute because as a matter of fact we missed the board. It will
be very hard to sell a bluff at this point unless we got a really good read on our opponents.