How to Play Pyramid Poker : Playing Pyramid Poker in the Middle of the Hand

Let’s complete this sample hand of pyramid
poker. We are in the middle of the hand we just gone passed the community cards, there’s
a round of betting and we’ll say for sake everyone checks. Let’s see where things stand
before we go to the death cards. The small blind as we know has a hammerlock on the hand
at this time. He’s holding three wild cards and a pair of fives this is either four of
a kind or a five of a kind depending upon your home games or rules. Moving to the left
the big blind has tens up he has a pair of tens, a ten in his hand, a ten on the board
and a pair of three’s. Three in his hand, a three on the board under normal circumstances
that might be a playable hand. He has no idea that the small blind has hit the jackpot and
now to the left by virtue if this six being wild this player has three fours. Definitely
hand to proceed with to bad he’s in big trouble and here’s your hand you at this time hold
a natural pair of sevens.