KingsRoulette –  New Betting Strategy of Roulette! | Strategy #5

KingsRoulette – New Betting Strategy of Roulette! | Strategy #5

hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel my name is Fahmi and today I’m gonna play again on KingsRoulette. So today
I’m gonna show you another betting strategy on roulette. The strategy are very
simple and this time I will always use a same amount of base bet which is three
dollars and twenty cents and for the setting of the bet, you can simply follow
what I do right now after that just click REBET and start the
bet again Oh by the way this is a sponsored money. I
will fast forward the video and we’ll stop after Ifeel it’s good enough. Thank
you and enjoy the video Okay so I will stop the bet right here.
In the end I am able to get almost $100 profit which is good enough for me. So
that’s it for this video guys thank you so much for watching don’t forget to
leave a like on this video comment down below if you have any question for me
so yeah see you in the next video bye