Living the Mike Postle Cheating Scandal with Jaman Burton EP 15

what’s up you guys so I’m on my way to
the stones gambling hall and yo everybody keeps hitting me up about the
drama like make sure you’re not sitting with Mike Postle if he’s there you better
not play people sending me links and videos and I’ve been watching the videos and I’m like yo I mean what do you guys thing there are definitely some moments that
make me think wow I definitely would have gone broke in that moment how is he
doing this is he really a God how Postle is a God is he a genius is he xavier from X-Men how the fuck else does he know how do you fold the nut flush do you fold the nut flush I mean it was a paired board there was a straight flush out there but do you fold the nut flush on paired board with a straight flush do you the way it played out do you do that tiny bet quarter pot bet about and Mike doesn’t even want to call, no, look at this yeah it’s like he knows i don’t know maybe I’m not that good but I’m on my way there I’m super
excited I’m wondering like how the energy will be what the tensions gonna
be I’m gonna be asking people questions too you know I ain’t shy it’s really cute all right you guys I am here in
Sacramento at the stones gambling hall and whoa I mean you saw this in my other
video the stream has been cancelled (gasp) I showed up here thinking that I’m going
to play on the livestream I’m gonna play poker we Jaman I’m gonna get to
interview him and wooo well surprise to me Mike Postle is be accused of cheating
on this exact livestream it’s a big deal like everybody was flipping out
everybody freaking out it’s like the poker world is a buzz Joe Ingram did a
video he went live about it I think it’s been at like 9 hours in total of his
lives even Doug Polk is in on it so everybody’s talking shit and ruined my
day because I’m expecting to do something today that got cancelled so
I’m sitting on a five five table and actually playing more like a 5 10 table
and it’s been fucking crazy I have a few
hands that I’m going to share with you guys but whoa I’m gonna run by a couple
hand histories for you before I get back in there because I think they’re being a
little strict about camera filming probably cuts of everything going on the
security guard saw me filming outside and was like ma’am ma’am back up bro so
it’s like kind of early in the session I sit down playing a five five table I buy
them for 600 but all the guys around me are buying in for like a lot like
they’re building up stacks they’re at 2500 I’m like oh my at the wrong place
am i at the wrong place so I’m under the gun with Kings at this moment we’re
doing like a five five ten so I guess I’m under the gun plus two technically
look down at Kings pop it up thirty five I get three callers we go to the fluff
which is all lower than jacks 8 deuce Jack I make it 60 and I get one caller
we go to the turn which is a ten I make it a hundred
he goes all win I’ve got about four four fifty something like that and I know
this player I played with him in Vegas he is a lag he is a super-duper loose
aggressive player so I know that he could have been calling me with a infinite range so it makes it much more challenging I’m looking at Queen nine
and everybody’s like will probably think Queen 9 shouldn’t be in this
hand he could have Queen 9 he could have floated me on the flop with Queen 9 and
just hit a straight is very possible with this dude but honestly I’m not
thinking about it realistically I’m thinking he could have jacked in that
would be the most realistic thing that he could possibly have that he’s calling
me all-in with or he’s got a draw there are two diamonds on this board so he
might be on a flush draw because if he’s got the nut straight why
is he jamming all if he would not be doing that so he must be on a draw I’ve
got an over pair to the board I do go into the tank for a minute because this
is my whole stack here and I’m not trying to go home right now but at the
same time he not about to push me around I know this ain’t my town but so what I
call and he’s got ten four of diamonds we run it three times on the river and
no diamond comes at all mm which banks double up what you say double up aye what you say double up and it sure did feel good so then another time same dude I’m on the button
look down at Jack’s he pops up for $10 straddle to 55 and there are three
callers and I do not want to play my jacks against four players I really want
to isolate the strongest hand here so I pop it up to 240 come for me what are we
doing let’s do this he calls of course everybody else folds
the flop comes out Queen Jack blank all diamonds though checks to me
I jam it he calls instantly I’m like ahh shows the guy next to him and the guy
says oh you’re in good shape I’m like oh shit did you flop the nut flush he’s
like how many times you want to run it you want to run it once or you want to
run it three time sounds and I’m like you choose he chooses to run it three times
and then I show him my jacks and he shows me his aces I’m like ahhhh I get the
first board he gets the second board because an ace actually comes and I get the third board so 2/3 of the pot that’s already in there 2/3 in my stack which I
had 580 behind so that was pretty cool not even man at that at all not even a
little bit I had this other hand this is like the last big hand that I played I’ve
been running good today y’all like let me just tell you like I know there’s
some drama going on and there’s like weird shit in the air but it’s not
affecting me at all I look down at two’s I’m in a small
blind there are a few limpers into the pot and I just go ahead and complete to
the ten cuz there’s a $10 straddle and we go to the flop which is two three
four two clubs okay I flop a set totally awesome obviously there’s a wheel out
there and then there’s another nut straight out there I checked same guy
from the last two hands he calls me his kryptonite by the way at this point he
bets 40 fold over here the cutoff calls and I call he makes it 75 cutoff calls
of 75 and I’m thinking right here should I pop it up but I know that like
technically I could be behind the wheel I could be behind a five six like let me
just see and what’s gonna happen on the river so I just float the 75 the river
is three hearts I told you I was running good like I’m
not playing about that the river is three of hearts the board has paired I
have boated up now obviously I could be behind pocket threes I could be behind
three four but the way it’s played out I really don’t see somebody in here with
either one of those hands first guy makes it 150 cutoff raises to 350 and I
just go ahead and damn it all in at this point I had lost a couple things I think
I had like six something 700 and to my sheer surprise he folds the original raiser he
folds I’m super shocked and I’m thinking he’s definitely calling this but he
folds the cutoff player goes ahead and calls and he’s got ace five and the guy
who folds said he folded five six if he folded five six like he is the real
champ here he’s the real champ but I’m doing pretty good so bottom four 600 cashed out for 1394 something like that I just told myself you know what I’m just gonna
pull my chips off I wanted to come outside get an interview with Jaman get
my chips off the table because I thought that’s rude I’ve been out here for
thirty minutes I didn’t want a to hog up the seat and then also you know I
haven’t been running really good lately so it kind of feel good to just have a
win like let me just take this let me just have this for me let me just have
it so I got it hi hi how are your doing I am doing Want to take a walk let’s take a walk let’s go talk the best lighting in all poker vlogging yes show me the
Grail the best poker lighting yeah it’s a big deal
I say that all the time I’m like finding the light looking for the light where’s it
at especially for african-american poker vloggers hello tell the truth I need all
this glow ah the stones parking lot truth be told this is where all the magic
happens I need to come in here into a oooh look it oooh look it glistening I need to come in here and do straight-up photo shoot seriously Jamon hooking it up P’s and Q’s with Jaman Burton how are you doing I’m fantastic how are you doing honestly I’m a little stressed yeah with all the allegations going on it sucks today’s your meetup game uh yeah so a
lot of people came here including myself yeah cuz you’re gonna be here and you
were gonna play the livestream tomorrow you’re gonna be in the booth like it was
a lot going on yeah I was gonna be in the booth another night but no none of
that going down anymore not only that but I
really don’t even feel like playing poker right now yeah but it’s like a bad
feeling in the pit of my stomach and the only reason I came in here number one
was to see you to do this and because I found like I had a bunch of like stones
ships gonna have to like cash in this is like 30 bucks so I’m like
alright I’ll come up here I’m like goofing off in a 1 3 game but I’m I’ve
been here 30 minutes and I’ll probably leave in the next 5
you’re over it man so it’s interesting you have a video from 2018 yeah that
says don’t play with Mike Postle I have 2 called avoid Mike Postle have one from
November of 2018 and one from May of this year I think it’s called still
avoid my concept oh and is it because of things that are going on here did you suspect this it’s like it was because the guy just runs ridiculous yeah okay yeah I mean it’s just he’s
just always and right but how the hell can you be right that much right but in
a vacuum when you’re playing with him he’s a good guy like I like Mike like
I’ll put that on a disclaimer like I’ve never had an issue with Mike me and him have good conversations I’m here in stones maybe two or three times a year
I play with him a session here a session there in in that context in that small
of a sample size you know in a four hour session you might
play or you might even see a hundred hands yeah I might play four or five
hands with him and he gets the best of me every time and the only time he didn’t
get the best of me was a big pot the first time I’d met him we got into a big
pot and I did something I like over bet the turn and he folded it he folded
pocket kings well had he called he would have filled up on the river King hit a
river and you to build up and like sweep this huge pot so it’s just like how
the hell I was ahead at the time he put up on the river what do you think about
it I think a couple things all right number one I think the mob mentality is
bullshit the way people are just you know especially a couple days ago that
people were just attacking him you know just without any real evidences before
anything real like any maths were done okay I hated that I hated that the
person that brought all this to light like Veronica she got attacked there was
a lot of attacking via accuser yeah what this does were poker in general not even
just stones but poker in general I think it could potentially set back the
industry to like 15 years like where there was a time where you couldn’t have
phones at the table you couldn’t listen to music there was no
electronics yeah it’s something like this that could
just set the whole industry back which as the vlogger really really blows
we are already sneakin to film as much as we can so imagine so I mean and then you
you know you have like class-action lawsuits being discussed and people
losing money and the thing that I’m scared the most about is what if he is
innocent what if he is a hundred percent innocent
he is generally his life is ruined like you know so you know this is just a
bunch of stuff that’s just got me in the mood to be like and then how do you
prove your innocence or guilt in this example you can never prove
innocence like people can prove guilt but you can’t prove you’re innocent like
the guy is just all that being said the evidence doesn’t look good it’s
definitely incriminating yeah I would agree with that and it is unfortunate
and I feel you on those points like the mood here is somber normally stones is
like a good time and it’s like it’s like cheers like the cheers of poker it’s such a cute place yeah yeah so I you know and this is just me
guessing I would guess the stones livestream is
dead I don’t think it’ll come back that would be my guess it’s gonna be hard
it’s gonna be hard to get back any sort of credibility that’s big yeah that
would be major yeah I mean casinos don’t make money off of live streams per se so
you know this might end up costing you know this casino a lot of money I mean
to be a lot of questions asked do not forget maybe of California State Gaming
gets involved there’s gonna be a lot going on right and there’s some talk of
like collusion man and why is this hat bulging and what you’re looking at it in his lap and all kinds of shit what’s he looking at oh my god I mean it’s been consuming I’m
sure in your page on my page everybody’s freaking out even that we’re here
everyone’s freaking out I just turned my phone off I’m not going I just I’m done
well enough about that for now hat about you man you I’m good I can’t complain I mean I started a
vlog I had one viewer you know like it’s like
it’s insane it’s incredible you’re inspiring to so many people so many
people on my vlog cannot wait to see you on my P’s and Q’s I’ve been getting mad
comments like when’s Jamin gonna go when’s Jaman gonna be on you need to hit
him up honestly which is what encouraged me like they’re like he’s a
nice guy he’ll be cool like hit him up and I sent you an email and you replied
to my email of course and now here we are and I saw you in Vegas I know I saw you
in Vegas but like you were busy you were running to and fro I was moving around you know how I do Can you tell me this so I saw your vlog I went back to the beginning like 2 years ago when they were horrid they weren’t oh my god they really weren’t the scenic things you did a great job you did a great job and you edited then yourself it’s all 100% me I didn’t know anyone when i first started my vlog I didn’t know a damn thing I didn’t know the difference between portrait and landscape lI don’t think you should beat yourself up about that because you did a great job I watched episode one and I was like damn this is good what made you even start it tho because I have seen an episode where I can know why did Jaman even jump in this the short version of the story is I was playing at Hollywood in st. Louis and one of the dealers told me hey trooper is in the room
and I didn’t know what the hell the trooper was I didn’t I had no clue I’m
like who’s trooper she said look him up on YouTube so I saw that he was a poker
vlogger and I’m a what as a poker like I’ve never even heard of
it but me myself I’ve always been a journaler since 7th or 8th grade I had
volumes of handwritten journals like I write down what I did for that I have
always done it and so I was like I want to try to do this like this looks kind
of cool yeah it’s not kind of cool it’s hard as hell like and I found that out
when I tried to vlog me and my daughter I have a nine-year-old daughter us going
to Toys R Us RIP toys r us yeah and I was like
wow this is a lot harder than this trooper guy makes makes it look yeah and he’s putting out an episode a day he’s insane so uh after that then i got hooked i was like I’m gonna get good at this like the
trooper I want to be the trooper and that was that was that oh yeah he knows
the whole story that’s why I had that Iron Maiden shirt on last night because
that’s where he got his name from that guy on that shirt was the trooper
okay see cuz you were saying that last night on the stream you’re like someone saw
you wearing it and they knew the meaning of it right so yeah now me and him are
friends and then from trooper I found out about Neeme and I go whoa this guy’s
taking like cinematography and hand the histories to a different level and I go I’m
gonna get like good like Neeme and trooper and then I just started digging
in but then I found out very quickly what differentiates one vlog from the
next like what makes Neeme good and what makes Brad good and what makes trooper
good are three totally different things they all have their own niche like troopers man-about-town blah blah blah Neeme is very this is Vegas Vegas is
gorgeous here’s it from different angles and Brad is very hands hands hands hands
hands yeah and I wanted to create my own thing I didn’t want to be a copycat what
somebody else is doing which potential vloggers out there if you’re gonna
create a vlog don’t just copycat somebody else’s like create their own
thing that’s where that I think the magic is I think I get some
emails from people all the time like oh I got 200 subscribers why why can’t I
get 12,000 or whatever and I look at their stuff and it looks just
like somebody else’s yeah like I’m like well your video looks just like Brad’s
like but you can’t out Brad Brad like so that’s great advice there’s so many
up-and-coming vloggers myself being one of them and your vlogs are so fucking cool thank you your edits are dope are you still editing yourself yeh I do everything it’s so tedious like your transitions and your music and your voice over everyones like oh you have such a nice voice ohhh get you on some radio or something ooooh I think that’s why your page is such a
like a staple in our poker vlog community and I have and I still have
fun doing it like once I don’t have fun doing it I’ll stop like for instance I
came out here to vlog sessions and I recorded something this morning like you
know like look I’m not there’ll be no sessions I’m not gonna enjoy doing this so I’m
not gonna do it tell us please what is your number one poker etiquette people that
talk to you while you’re in a hand that’s to me like you’re concentrating
you’re focusing on flop turn River you’re trying to figure out ranges
you’re doing whatever you’re trying to do and they are constantly just did you
see the episode of bachelor last night my wife did this like it’s like sir
ma’am like can this wait for two seconds like give me two seconds so I can make a
decision like that is and it’s even worse because sometimes I wear
headphones at the table and they will tap you they’ll tap you know they’ll
tap me on the shoulder til I get there you know whatever about The Bachelor no
social cues yeah so yeah by far most annoying that’s a good one thanks Jaman you’re welcome thank you guys for all your support and for being here with me through this journey and
this was an interesting ride first time in Sacramento first time supposed to be
on something that wasn’t happening and you know life is still good everything’s
grand gonna head home tomorrow go see my honey and my puppy dog and be ready for
a game with Andrew and Brad in LA coming up so I love you guys
hey thanks for all your love thanks for being my subscribers if you are here for
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