New law allows additional machines for Rockford gambling parlors

((ERIC)) ROCKFORD LEADERS GIVE VIDEO GAMBLING OPERATORS THE GREEN LIGHT TO ADD MORE MACHINES. ((MIMI)) MONDAY NIGHT… ALDERMEN VOTED TO INCREASE THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF MACHINES IN A LOCATION FROM FIVE TO SIX. REPORTER DYLAN SROCKI JOINS US NOW… DYLAN… WILL THE HARD ROCK CASINO IN ROCKFORD AFFECT LOCAL GAMING OPERATORS? ((DYLAN)) ERIC, MIMI… ONE LOCAL GAMING OPERATOR THAT I TALKED TO SAYS THAT HE IS PLANNING ON ADDING MACHINES. HE SAYS… THERE IS ENOUGH BUSINESS TO GO AROUND TO STILL SUCCEED… AFTER THE CASINO OPENS. THE RUSH IS ON FOR ROCKFORD BUSINESSES TO GET A SIXTH GAMING MACHINE. JAY GESNER OWNS MISS JILLS VIDEO POKER AND GAMING PARLORS… AS WELL AS SOUSE’S LOUNGE AND STUMPY’S BAR AND GRILL. HE PLANS ON DOING JUST THAT. Jay Gesner, Owner, Miss Jill’s Video Poker and Gaming Parlor “Obviously, we’re not packed all the time, but when it’s busy, it’s good to have the facilities to take care of the customers that are coming in.” THE DECISION FROM CITY COUNCIL… FOLLOWS STATEWIDE CHANGES THAT WENT INTO EFFECT WITH THE EXPANSION OF THE ILLINOIS GAMING BILL. Nicholas Meyer, City of Rockford Legal Director “This ordinance essentially just mirrored the state law and updated our fee schedule, which right now allows for five gaming machines, to the six to comply with state law.” THE SAME LEGISLATION WHICH IS ALLOWING A CASINO IN ROCKFORD… ALSO INCREASES STATE TAXES ON THE MACHINES .. AS WELL AS LETTING GAMBLERS BET AND WIN MORE. AS FOR THE HARD ROCK… GESNER SAYS HE ISN’T TOO WORRIED ABOUT LOSING BUSINESS. Jay Gesner, Owner, Miss Jill’s Video Poker and Gaming Parlor “I think it will have some impact, but not as much as other people think it does. I think that neighborhood gaming is kind of the way things are going all over the country.” GESNER SAYS… HE THINKS THERE IS A DIFFERENT AUDIENCE… FOR A BIG CASINO… AND SMALLER BUSINESSES LIKE THE ONES HE OWNS. Jay Gesner, Owner, Miss Jill’s Video Poker and Gaming Parlor “Don’t get me wrong, I think they’ll do fine out there. But they’ll draw from the outside, and it’ll be a place to go for events.” Jay Gesner, Owner, Miss Jill’s Video Poker and Gaming Parlor “A lot of the people that come in here, it’s their neighborhood place. It’s their stop-off before work or after work, or coming out for a couple of drinks at the end of the night and playing a few games.” GESNER SAYS… HIS CUSTOMERS VALUE THE CONVIENENCE A NEIGHBORHOOD LOCATION OFFERS. Jay Gesner, Owner, Miss Jill’s Video Poker and Gaming Parlor “They don’t want to have to drive-in, deal with a big parking lot, deal with walking up. Here, they drive right up, they get up, they do want they want to do, and they’re back home in a couple of hours. So I think we both have our niche.” ((DYLAN)) ON THE ILLINOIS GAMING BOARD WEBSITE… YOU CAN FIND OUT HOW MUCH MONEY IS MADE AT EVERY BUSINESS THAT HAS LICENSED GAMING MACHINES. IN SEPTEMBER … THE NET TERMINAL INCOME FOR ALL THE MACHINES IN ROCKFORD WAS WELL OVER $2.5 MILLION DOLLARS YOU CAN CHECK IT OUT AT THIS STORY ON OUR WEBSITE… MYSTATELINE.COM ERIC. ((ERIC)) A LOCAL HIGH SCHOOL GOES ON LOCKDOWN AFTER A REPORT OF A WEAPON ON CAMPUS. ACCORDING TO THE MERIDIAN SCHOOL DISTRICT… THIS MORNING… STILLMAN