Rachel Brosnahan Had a Ring Badly Stuck on Her Finger the Night She Won an Emmy

-Honestly, the Emmys —
it was a sweep. I mean, you won for writing
and outstanding comedy. And then you won
Lead Actress in a Comedy, And I was so psyched for you ’cause you just knocked it
out of the park. -Thanks.
-It was fantastic. What do you remember
about that night? -Thanks.
It was an amazing night. It was crazy. The whole thing is
kind of a blur. But, honestly, I can’t —
-You have a great story. -I can’t look at that picture…
-I love it so much. -…without thinking
about the fact that five minutes before
I was walking out the door to hit the red carpet, I was picking jewelry
very last-second. I was trying on some beautiful,
beautiful rings that had been loaned to me. And I put one on,
testing out the finger, and said, “I don’t think it
looks great on that finger. I’m gonna…” And just, like,
could not get it off. And you know that panic?
I just cracked my knuckle. The panic already has re-set in.
The panic just set in. Trying to get the ring off,
we had some ice brought up. We’re, like, holding my hand
above my head for 10 minutes. And then we’re debating, really. It’s starting
to turn different colors. We’re debating whether or not
we’re going to need to go to the hospital
before we go to the red carpet. -I mean, I would have
freaked out right there. I would have went nuts…
-That’s what I’m saying. -…and go, “I don’t know
if I can go to the Emmys, dude. I don’t know what to do
right now.” -That’s exactly how I felt.
I went. -I want to zoom in
on your finger. [ Laughter ]
-Okay. It’s the size of a sausage roll.
[ Laughter ] I — It still makes me itch.
I’m sweating, I’m itching, just thinking about it.
-This is honestly — -And this has makeup on it,
because it was fully purple. -Oh, my goodness.
Kook at what a good… -But it is a beautiful ring.
-Look how happy you are. And you won the Emmy.
-That’s why they gave it to me. -That’s why they
gave it to you, yeah. But what did you do?
After you won, did you go, “I’ve got to go to the hospital
or something”? -Well, no, ’cause everyone kept
looking at me like, “It’s fine. No, like, that’s normal.
It’s fine. I know someone
who got a ring…” Everyone was trying
to make me feel better, which, of course, makes you
feel much, much worse. -Yeah. -But we were getting
whisked around. We went to some parties.
We went to another party. I got back to the hotel —
-Oh, my goodness! -I know, I was panicking
the whole time. Got back to the hotel later,
tried the whole routine again. -So you soaked it in ice.
-Soaked it in ice, put some olive oil on it,
held it above my head. Nothing worked.
It wouldn’t come off. And then somebody told me
about this trick. Have you guys heard of
the dental-floss trick? -Yes.
-Okay, the ladies in the room know about it.
-I don’t know this. -You thread
a piece of dental floss… I’m literally avoiding wearing
rings on that finger now. I’m still so horrified.
-Traumatized. -You thread a piece of
dental floss under the ring. And you tourniquet your finger
with the rest of it. -Oh, no. -And you start slowly peeling
the dental floss off, And then it slides over
your tourniqueted finger. It did come off.
-Wow! -Is the end of the story.
-That is a good little trick, right there.
-It’s a great trick. That ring, I thought I was gonna
get to keep it, honestly. I was a little bit excited.
-Oh my gosh! They didn’t let you keep it
after all of that? -They did not let me keep it.
-[ Laughs ] I’m gonna keep this, though…
-A laugh, just for you. -Just ’cause — Yeah.
[ Laughter ] Well, I love — You’re fantastic
on the show, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,”
if you haven’t seen it. You’re great on it, but you’ve
been injured a few times. -I have been injured
a few times. It’s all self-Inflicted,
unfortunately. -What happened?
-Well, during our first season, there’s a set that Midge does
where she’s really tanking. She’s not having a good night. And part of what’s written
in the script is that she’s trying to pull
the microphone off the stand. A mic that looks
a lot like this, actually. Trying to pull it off the stand,
to really get going, ramp up the crowd,
and she can’t get it off. And so, in the scene,
I’m pulling, pulling. You know, trying
to really sell it. Like, really pulling,
and I flipped the switch and just went — pooh! — like, right into the center
of my head, with a 1950s microphone. -It’s like hitting a brick
in your own head. -Yeah, I gave myself
a really good unicorn horn. They had to start —
-You did? -Well, again, everybody
is going, “You’re fine. It doesn’t look that bad.
You’re fine.” But the best part is, is that because I was bombing
in the scene, the audience
did not react at all. -Oh, they were told
not to react. -I whacked myself straight
in the middle of the face, and crickets.
[ Laughter ] -They were told, “Don’t react
to whatever she does.” -I think they just thought I
was a really, really good actor. [ Laughter ]
But then, unfortunately, I forgot all my lines and
couldn’t continue the scene. -Well, here’s the good news. The trick is, you just wrap
your head in dental floss. -Yes, exactly. It brings the swelling
right down. -Yeah, just trust me.
It’s a good trick, yeah. Then, season two,
you get injured again. But this is what?
But you had an accident. -I do my own stunts.
-[ Laughs ] -So, we shot this scene
during season two. It’s a beautiful scene.
It’s a oner. It’s just one single
camera movement. -What’s a oner?
-Just one camera movement with no cuts, and
it’s highly choreographed. It’s a scene that lasts
a couple minutes long, without cutting into it.
It involves some rolling chairs and a switchboard room,
10 other girls. And midge is supposed to be
very graceful, very smart, very confident,
great at her job. So she’s able to whiz around
on this rolling chair and help all the other girls
with their job. But during one take, I went to kick back
off this cabinet, and I was supposed to fly
the length of the room, and just went
straight over backwards. And honestly, like, someone
played it back for me later, and it doesn’t look
that traumatic. But I had a bruise
the size of my entire calf, that turned every single color
of the rainbow. -It does look traumatic,
and I know because we have
a copy of the video that they were nice enough
to send to us, everyone over at
“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” Don’t look if you don’t want to.
-Hurray. -But everyone else,
please watch. Here’s an outtake
of Rachel filming. -Oh, dear. -B. Altman.
Where may I direct your call? I will connect you. B. Altman.
Where may I direct your call? -Too many calls. I can’t… -Hold on.
I will connect you. [ Clatter ] [ Laughter ] -That’s a good fall. That’s a good fall.
[ Applause ] -But it really looked so much
less traumatic than it felt. -Trust me, that’s a good fall,
right there. Props to you
for putting the work in. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Thank you. Tom Cruise,
I’m coming for the gigs.