Hi everyone! My name is Sergey Polyansky and today we take a look at the electric guitar SCHECTER BLACKJACK A-6 body is made of mahogany, neck through the body of the guitar and is made of mahogany guitar has two SEYMOUR DUNCAN humbuckers: Nazgul and Sentient they are designed specifically for modern heavy music the volume knob, the tone knob with cut off, three-position pickup switch on the guitar are mounted closed type SCHECTER pegs let’s listen to a sound of all pickups in turn on clean sound let’s listen it with cut off now let’s listen it on overdrive sound Cast: guitarist – Sergey Polyansky. Guitar – SCHECTER BLACKJACK A-6. BUGERA 333XL INFINIUM. Cabinet – BUGERA 412F. Microphones – sE Electronics 2200T, SHURE SM57. Shooting and montage – Muzhikov Alexey. Sound – Vasiliy Kuznetsov.