Skinny Minnie Poker : Skinny Minnie: Bad Starting Hands

This segment is designed to highlight what
are bad hands for Skinnie Minnie. Now in most poker, most of the hands you get are bad hands.
Start from that point okay? I want to stipulate this sort of hand is a bad deal. The reason
is that it’s a middling hand. All the cards in it rank in the middle of the card ranking
and when we are playing any type of high/low game this hand is a bad deal because it’s
an underdog to take the high and it will not take the low. So you’re giving yourself trouble
if you play a hand like this hard. As for other bad hands for Skinnie Minnie, all that
takes is a random shuffle and dealing out five cards and you’ll see that most hands
that come the way of the player are bad hands. Except for the ones I have dealt so far because
I left it up to chance. That one’s bad because it’s mostly middling cards. This one too.
It says pair of sevens, queen, ten, nine, that’s worse than it sounds.