(WSOP) WILL I WIN $888,888???

the World Series of Poker 888 dollar 8
max event 888 thousand eight hundred eighty-eight dollars to first guaranteed
eight might be my lucky number I’m not Asian four isn’t unlucky but if
I had to choose a number I would choose eight so I got a good feeling about this
tournament of course eight max is perfect amount of legroom amount of
action we’re getting here at noon 40,000 starting stack let’s bag around 400,000 here for the eight eight eight and we
have another viewer of the vlog say hello to Lois Manzo New York
representative mochel reg John 40,000 starting stack eight handed and we’re
using the original og beautiful clay fake whatever WSOP chips with the bright
orange 5k my favorite set think this this might be my event guys six handed
at four hundred big blind I open to one thousand with two red Queens the button
a obese man with sunglasses of some descent maybe four years old makes it
three thousand action folds back to us we could play four stacks here but
eighty some blinds with pocket queens probably not the best idea
we can be deceptive and just put it in the smooth call out of position the flop
comes Jack Jack nine two clubs we check and he checks I could have had like ace
queen ace king but I think it’s more likely he’s pot controlling with aces or
kings specifically so when the turn brings a ten I check and he bets 2500 he
could have pocket tens you could have a check you could have a lot of hands that
beat us but I think our hand is 200 up to fold now we put in the call the river
is a three off suit a total brick we check we don’t expect him to keep firing
with ace Queen ace king king queen did get there but small possibility he’s
probably in a flat that most of the time preflop I checked and he puts out a bed
of 9,000 what’s he repping it really feels like
he has aces or kings he checked the flop for pilot controller case I had a random
jack when I check it to him twice he doesn’t put me on the jack I can’t think
of too many Bluffs probably would have bet the foster on the flop and we tank
fold pocket queens we played that as weak as possible but I think we dodged a
cooler we badger him from information and he refuses to show I think he had it
backtracking to preflop his chin was shaking noticeably Wood III bet me I
think it was adrenaline I don’t think it was fear it was a quick three bet he was
excited aces and Kings get people excited big fold wins tournaments and
rod in the next hand blinds at 300 500 500 we’re now seven handed under the gun
opens 1,500 I call with pocket nines we get a call on the button the flop comes
king 9 6 rainbow we hit a set oh my god he bets 4000 chips I could raise here
but not a good idea in position especially with the guy behind me we
don’t want to kick him out of the pod we got the deck pretty much crippled
there’s a few straight draws we call button does fold the turn is a nine
that’s right quads daily quads unbelievable how are we gonna get paid here original
RAZR checks i think he’s going in czech Hall Mota thee is like king queen is
king aces just in case I have a nine he wants
me to Bluff at it with my straight draws so I got to build a pot I got to set up
a river jam I make it fifty five hundred and he folds it’s rare to get quads just
hop to get paid with quads unfortunately he just had nothing oh well on to the
next hand with blinds at 300 600 action folds to be in the small blind on my
left and right or both six-year-old Caucasian males that I’ve
given AC are lucky brand hats – so we’re in cahoots we got a lot of friendly bro
fist pumps going on they appreciate the heads they’re not trying to bluff me I
limped with Jack seven offsuit in the small blind Jack of Diamonds
he checks behind the flop comes ace nine eight one diamonds great flop for our
range we have a lot more aces than him that’s for sure so I bet 800 he puts in
the call I think he’s gonna continue with a lot
of nines and eights here that’s fine the turn is a five of diamonds we now have a
hidden double belly and a diamond blocker if that’s relevant at all
there’s only two diamonds on the board and it’s time to barrel let’s get him to
fold the 9 or an 8 I bet 2500 any calls let’s see what the river brings the
river is the queen of diamonds backdoor diamonds gets there Jack 10
gets there now we do have Jack high so that’s never good let’s think about why
this is a good hand to bluff with we have the Jack of Diamonds that makes it
a little less likely he went runner runner diamonds on us within the jack we
also blocked Jack 10 not completely but 25% of jack 10 we fly and with the 7 we
block 6 7 the other straight they got there so we can wrap both of those we
have what we call triple blockers it’s a rare scenario we’re going big 7,000
chips he tanks and eventually folds and says
you put me on an ace didn’t you I don’t know what the hell that means but sure
yeah I put you on an ace I thought you’d fold the knees Jack I know good and we
get a block through first time in 2019 with blinds at 400 800 800 under the gun
plus one opens to 1,800 guide my right puts in the flag hall I’m next to act
with King and Queen offsuit good call I think it’s a better candidate to 3bet
put the pressure on we have about fifty thousand in our stack I make it seven
thousand original RAZR folds and guy on my right calls let’s see a flop the flop
comes jack 10 3 2 hearts we don’t have a heart a very wet board he’s continuing
range is gonna be wide unless he has specifically like pocket nines and lower
so we checked behind the turn is the ace of hearts we hit our straight but the
flush draw the flush is out there he could have two hearts he checks time to
go for value from all of his a sacs combos even some Jack king queen Jack
type hands make it 8,000 and he calls the river is a brick not a heart and he
checks to us I think it’s time to go for Val you don’t think he’s slow playing a
flush you could have two pair maybe a set so I
bet 20,000 about 65% of pot I do this with all my missed heart draws I guess I
wouldn’t be turned in too many hands into a bluff when I three bet pre was
either I have like a sax or a big broadway’s anyway and I’m betting for
value but he might not know that still I have to bet can’t be afraid of the flush
twenty thousands of price he keeps looking at me like discouraged I can see
it through the in the corner of my eye he looks at my stack to see what I have
left he hums and Haws and eventually rips in 60,000 I have the fourteen
thousand behind how often is this a bluff who does this as a bluff is his
act of disinterest in disgust of a pure Hollywood it felt genuine in the moment
so I was very surprised when he shoved on me it seemed like he was just calling
or folding what flushes does he have like nine eight of Hearts King Queen of
Hearts for the Royal I don’t know but I’m getting like eight or nine to one
it’s still rebuy period let’s gamble I put in the call and he shows East five
of dime not sure the hell he’s doing there Bluff
value frustration we’re now have a hundred thousand chips
we’re on break feeling great about to come back with a hundred blinds in this
eighty eight eight doubt in his eight video max the sign of infinity the
number one favorite number of all the Asian cultures eight let’s get it I’ve actually never been to Mexico you
know I should have been by now I never been to like New York
we’re heroes so blur yo you going on say a little dinner break
I shouldn’t she’s running like God you know it’s a good tournament to run my
guns yeah seriously I know I know is this a bracelet of is this a big deal
this Aventador Nullah 400 I don’t even know impossible to win hey don’t get
your hopes up $1.99 and this reminds me of the
moneymaker run yeah just some donk just gets good cards yeah some shady kid from
New York wins it all our DP with over 4 million over the triple average a boy
from the orchid with a dream don’t degenerate all the way Ryan with blinds at 1,000 2500 2500 under the
gun plus two shoves all in for 26,000 I’m in the cutoff with East Queen of
Spades easy call everyone folds her heads up versus East seven of hearts the
flop comes nine five five the turn is the four and the rivers an ace our
kicker plays we eliminate a player and we now have a hundred and forty five
thousand chips 252 players the last hand of the 3k big
blind big blind ante level Asian male age 21 to 40 under the gun makes it
7,000 he gets two calls in position and the small blind calls we’re in the big
blind with a screen off suit a pretty good spot for a squeeze I don’t think
anybody that called is very strong and this asian male has been known to bluff
and open pretty wide we make it 38,000 to go under the gun plus one started the
hand with about a hundred and twelve thousand he thinks about it and shoves
all in everyone quickly folds and the plan was to call not three bad bluffing
he could see that we’re taking advantage of all the dead money out there in this
perfect squeeze spot he could be reeling with many mid pair type hands ace Jack
suited ace 10 suited ace king of course but he got a gamble we got him covered
by 40k we call and he shows Ace King off suit let’s get lucky
the flop comes nine eight four two spades the turn is a king and we’re
drawing dead we double him up and we now have about 40,000 chips and the blinds
go up we have 10 blinds with a 5k big blind I’m in middle
position with pocket sixes I shove all in for 49,000 action folds to the big
blind who puts in the call he has East five of hearts the flop comes ten seven
six turns to Jack and he’s drawing dead we double up I lose a small pot with
middle pair versus bottom set blinders blind could have been a lot worse and we
don’t have about 12 blinds 60,000 when this hand happens action folds to middle
position who went from 200 and 50,000 to 60,000 recently he opened jams for the
second hand in the row we’re on the button with king queen off suit pretty
close I count his stack at 61 thousand I count my stack at 61 thousand five
hundred you might think so what bro you got him covered by five hundred ships if
you lose this hand there’s no way you’re coming back well with the big blind ante
format that 500 can quickly turn into seven thousand easy just by someone
raising me calling and the blinds folding because we get 100 percent of
that 5k ante that’s in the middle in addition to five hundred from the blinds
and whoever I’m up against hopefully we don’t lose but we put in the call and he
shows ace ten of spades and we have video I fold until I’m under the gun plus worn
facing it under the gun raised I call it off I’m up against King Jack and we hold
we now have 7,000 ships all right I fold under the gun forced in the big blind
I’m up against the razor who has East King I got the deuce eight of Spades
suited oh yeah that’s right the board comes all
bricks and I’m out of the eat eat eat one bullet one day all day gone no
reward Max Payne about a hundred short of the money it’s a turbo you got a
gamble we were not lucky with our Gamble’s
today sign up on razor edge to play like the pros learn a thing or two about
shove charts opening charts rejoining charts they got all the charts and great
video by Ben C B and of course sign up on America’s card room using bonus code
ruski see you guys next time and I’m out of the Rio World Series of Poker $888
event a fun 9 hours in the books and $888 gone forever shout out to the Rio
and all the contestants that get to enjoy my money the only thing left to do
is to find a new Asian massage parlor let’s see what we stumble upon well that was not the massage I had in
mind usually 60 minutes is between 20 and 40
hours this one was $70 cloud9 spa massage there was no
receptionist the back door opened I didn’t get video and it was a woman in a
white miniskirt I say too expensive she say you go across street alright let’s
see what’s across the street it’s 10:30 at night I’m guessing all the legit ones
are closed except for Tibet foot so I guess I’m gonna go back there I
don’t see too much around here oh well $35 one hour massage it is let’s
go to Tibet foot Oh Yelp says they’re open till midnight
it’s 10:30 they’re closed no Tibet foot spa goddamn it where am I
gonna go first time upon entering this new massage parlor
you’re greeted by an aroma an aroma of feet and eggs it is a foot spa but I
didn’t think it doesn’t hit you with the smell of feet sweaty feet fresh out of a
shoe maybe prices are reasonable $35 for an hour I choose that one
and we get our foot soap we get a face rub we get a neck rub and we get it
probably 30 minutes of foot massage but she refuses to stop she can tell that
I’m paying that the tickling is too much and my feet keep jerking like they’re
getting electrocuted and she just laughs and keeps rubbing in between the toes
and the sole of feet rub rub rub eventually she tells me to turn over and
she starts rubbing my back it feels great
she knows what she’s doing with the oil over the towel it’s all really standard
they must go to a class or something because they use the same procedures
over and over I’ve had many back massages overall I was a little turned
off by the smell and this Asian woman aged 42 60s hands were very very strong
a little bit too strong I had to tell her to ease off with the pressure she
had man hands she had man but all that aside very hardworking very
good technical massage I feel pretty good so as far as the massage I’ll give
it an eat as far as the establishment I give it a four based upon the smell and
there was like a lingering air-conditioning sound like woosh woosh
woosh I got air tunnel or a k-hole maybe other than that I’m pretty decent I’d
probably do it again if there’s nothing else open it’s nice that they’re open
till midnight and that is my official and purview stay tuned for next episode
where I might review another hand and almost cash a poker tournament